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Browser version doesn't wor

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how do I play this

nvm, downloaded version doesnt work.

that’s cus the download versions of all my projects are the assets


thank you for your feedback

Good game

Thanks, im currently in the process of updating it, the update should be out by maybe 1000 views considering how fast the projects growing.

I mean. It's... sort of rock paper scissors, I suppose. Just very abrupt. And here I was hoping it'd be an actual full-fledged strip rock paper scissors game.

It is short cause it was at night when i made it, but later i will update it to have some new things added to it, the inspiration was when i went through the rule34 website seeing this advertisement of the same thing of my game, but 3d and better. And definitely more sexy...but yeah, imma improve this later, that's why i haven't made any other game, i been planning for an update.

Well, if there'll be an update, I'll give it a try when it happens. I'm always up for seeing more properly done strip games. Too many one-sided things. The whole fun of them is clothing removal and the interaction between player and opponent, after all!

The update is now out! It now has a new option picker, a beginning story, you can now forever play it and see everything! Hope you enjoy!

what is the website?